An introduction to Rise of Darkness

When I set out to create the world of Elidamara, I had designed it as a concept for a table top game for a group of friends. I spent more time writing the back story, than I did playing the campaign with them. In 2011 I ended up with 33 pages of history, and only a few hours of game play.

I put it on the shelf, and forgot about it until, about mid 2012. I decided I wanted to give a shot at writing, and ended up loving it. I have gone through three completely different timelines, protagonists, and points of view. Now on my third revision, I feel I have finally found my voice.

In my next post, I’ll be covering how I set about creating my world, and its rich history, cultures, religions, and people.



2 thoughts on “An introduction to Rise of Darkness

  1. To be honest, I’m on my fourth run for my world, and the story, and I’m still finding my voice AND the story, so I’m impressed that you’ve found it on your third attempt, after just figuring out you love to write.

    Also, I found it very interesting that your world started as a game.

    • Thanks, well my advice is just roll with it. I have gotten a lot of inspiration from just drawing the map out on paper, and later in photoshop. What sort of book are you looking to write?

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