Religion in your world

What does religion do in your world? How does it drive world events? Does it effect and influence politics? Are the gods of the inhabitants of your  world real, or only a mythology created for an alliterative motive? 

In Elidamara there are many religions, but in Estorad, where the first book Shadows of Virithimis takes place, there are two prevailing religions: Ker Ma’Ral and Margrism. 

Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Ker Ma’Ral is the older of the two. It was gifted to the Quelarian from their god Madriel. It is a belief in two gods locked in a never ending struggle that directly effects the world, as Madriel’s counter part, Emeron, has taken a physical form twice in their history.

Margrism is the predominate religion in Estorad, spreading east from the Kingdom of Etermith. It is the belief that the lesser gods spawned by Madriel, or Amara, are divine beings that intervene in peoples lives and oversee harvests, life, death, birth, love, etc. Followers of Margrism do not worship Madriel, as they do not believe she directly intervenes in the lives of mortals.   

In Elidamara the acts of Gods do actively play a role in the world. Religious leaders bribe government officials, and different religious groups fight each other for dominance.

Having these facts when designing your world can help give it a feel of a real place. Two dimensional religions and traditions can feel fake and forced. Even if your readers never see the majority of what you know, it will always seem more realistic than if you just slap something together as you go.

How do you incorporate religion in your world? How many gods have you created in your spare time?


4 thoughts on “Religion in your world

  1. I have a little world I’m writing about, and I just figured out how little I know about it already. While I’ve played with the thought of religion in the world, I hadn’t figured one out.

    I’m curious to know how long it’s taken you to get to know your world, and your characters? How long has this been in the works for you? Do you plan on posting it on your blog?

    • I’ve been working on my world, Elidamara, for nearly three years now. I have a 50 page “bible”, if you will of the events surrounding its creation and important events thereafter. I will be posting more about the world, in bits and parts, I hope to have my book finished by the end of the year, and I don’t want to give too much away just yet. But I have three prominent powers who inhabit Estorad (the eastern continent where Shadows of Virithimis begins), they are the Humans, the Quelarian, and the Rakhari.

      I know these races pretty well, but every day I flush them out more. I have created a 4ft x 2ft map and am still adding little cities all over the globe. Its a lot of fun, and I feel the more information you put into your world, the more real it will feel when your readers delve into the world, even if they never even see half of what you write.

      • I did something like that too!

        I got a large drawing notebook, then created ‘races’ or what have you, decided on the culture of an area, and also flushed out a big map. I think I liked writing better when it was more about the fun of what I wanted to happen in places, versus the end game 🙂

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