Google Books update

I don’t know about you, but I love Google. Today they rolled out a bunch of new features such as a music streaming service that could destroy Spotify, along with a host of other cool updates from a gaming hub for android that will allow users to sign into their favorite games and see the leader boards and try to beat their friends.

Aside from that Google books added a nifty feature that allows you to upload your own personal titles in EPUB or PDF formats, and you can either upload files from your computer or import books that are already stored in your Google Drive account. This is good news for if you are giving your book a read over and want to put down the phone and grab the tablet, or then move to the computer, your data syncs just like a normal book!

This is also great for beta readers, if you get a PDF you can upload it and read it like a normal book, instead of opening a PDF reader or using the kindle app and then having to remember where you left off last time. The best part is you can upload 1,000 for free!

Not only that but if you have gotten PDF or EPUB books from a give away and have the file, you can upload them, even if you did not get them from Google.

Check it out at



One thought on “Google Books update

  1. To be honest, I’ve never looked into Google books before. I don’t actually have a kindle or e-reader either, but I know I’m going to have to figure that world out soon enough. Maybe I’ll try and convince you to be my mentor. 🙂

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