I’m Andrew McAtee, and thanks for stopping by. In 2013 I completed my first manuscript in a series of Novels under the working title of Treatises of Elidamara: Rise of Darkness. The work has been shelved for the time being. It was a great adventure and the world and all those who inhabit it severed as a  spring board to propel me into the next project set 500 years after in the same world. I will undoubtedly return to Rise of Darkness and pour in the many hours needed to edit the manuscript into something polished.

In 2014 I started working on my second manuscript, Catechism of Fate which is now over halfway done. But I’m further behind than I would like. Due to numerous health problems, I was unable to write for quite sometime. Things are looking better, though still have a long way to go.

In the downtime, I became enamored with a side project I had spent some time fiddling with when I had bouts of writer’s block. It’s a Soft Science Fiction/Space Opera  under the working name Project Fahrenheit. I’ve outline the the first in the series and have put finishing Fahrenheit at the top of my list. I hate setting dates, but I’m shooting for completion no later than October 2016.

Update: I finished the first draft in September 2016, and spent some time on initial edits. I then sent out copies to a handful of beta readers. As of July 2017 I have met with all but one of me readers (they’ve finished, but scheduling has been an issue.) I’m now taking the feedback and making some minor changes and additions to the original manuscript and now hope to have a compiled version ready for agents by August. 

Check out the books tab for a synopsis of each manuscript!

So if you are interested in how the books are coming along, stay tuned and learning with me, I will be sharing what I learn along the way.