Rise of Darkness

After a rogue group of Intrinsic escapes the Imperial Conclave, Emery Chevallier, a highly gifted up and coming member of the Imperial Inquisition, finds himself on the frills of civilization, and struggling to suppress his hatred for the Conclave, the same organization that killed his parents. Tempted by a power far greater than he can even comprehend.

Meanwhile, the whole of Elidamara sits on a precipice, teetering dangerously close to the brink of destruction. Three major superpowers are starting the tenth year of a bloody and costly war for control of the whole of Estorad. Aldric Steinn, son of the King of Euris, and nephew of Emperor Kanus tries to keep peace in his father’s kingdom, but dark words of treachery and regicide are spoken in hushed voices beneath the taprooms of Alderhaven.  His brother Amendir plots to kill their father with the help of a mysterious man, who happens to be the same man who seeks out Emery. Their sister Arwin Steinn, is dragged into the fray when she witnesses the murder of her father, and barely escapes with her life. She will soon discover that her family has kept a secret from her that will soon change her life forever. She will have to grow from the shy, courtly princess, into the strong leader who will have to discover how her new found powers can save her brother and her kingdom. All the while Virithimis, minion of Emeron, the god of darkness, is quietly pulling all of their strings, preparing for his masters second coming.