Project Fahrenheit: Eclipsing Dawn

Arden Tristel may have just discovered the largest threat humanity has ever faced. The only problem? No one believes it, not even Tristel. After ten years of distinguished service with Imperial Military Intelligence, he narrowly escapes a court martial for his unsanctioned work on Project Fahrenheit, An empiric investigation into the anomalous disappearances of Stellar Mass in the Virgo Cluster. His career now in shambles, he and his wife are relocated from R-7 Central Station to the backwater planet of Sonhadra to serve as “liaison” to the Ministry of Narcotics.

If you asked anyone at the Valancia Police Department to described Detective Rick Carter, they would tell you he’s a tenacious son of a bitch, even if he was a washed-up alcoholic. His once illustrious career as the city’s Commissioner came crashing down after the unsolved murder of his wife, which lead to his lapse into full blown alcoholism. Since then the department, unable to lay him off, shelved him to Small Time Crime and Narcotics. For the past 5 years his only true partner has been his flask of Rotgut; one part Daoruta whiskey one-part recycled turpentine, but everything gets turned upside down when VPD dumps Arden Tristel into Rick’s lap. The unlikely pair struggles to see eye to eye on their case, and despite their misgivings, after a series of close calls and near deaths, the unlikely duo find that they might have more in common than either of them thought possible.

Death lies around every corner, and no one, not even their own government can be trusted. An unseen force attempts to foil their investigation; while the fires of an all-out galactic civil war are stoked as the pair unravels an ever growing grand conspiracy. More importantly can Arden convince himself and his partner that Project Fahrenheit’s findings were real? The race is on to discover who or what is behind the mysterious disappearances of the outer rim’s stars before everyone they known becomes another nameless statistic in the pages of Project Fahrenheit.